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Hey guys! Rumor has it that we are making updates. Well, unfortunately, that's not completely true. The hosting service for our servers has been suspected of illegal activity and access to the console had been on lock down.
We want you all to know we're going to be working on it as soon as we possibly can, and we're sorry for the inconvenience! Please be patient as we should have the server up and running again soon!
We will also update you with any information that we have, as previously stated please be patient. If you want to read more into this please feel free to visit this thread

Thanks so much for your time and patience,
-TKU Staff Team

TheMightyBill Hurry up please, not to put pressure on you, but I'm lonely and it's late... XD
MozzieFox 10/10 good host finding skills
[$] Geno_Whirl Honestly some people cant just read the top threads on the website for this sort of information on the server

What's New In TKU!

Mr_Nut posted Mar 4, 15
Welcome to The Kingdoms United an ever growing Minecraft network full of great players and exciting new games.
Today we have reached a new mile stone in our development of our network and would love to share with you whats new. Our staff team at TKU have been working round the clock to bring great and new things to the Network.
Our great team of developers have been working diligently along side with our administrative team to bring brand new additions to all aspects of our network. Amongst many things such as new games, fixing issues accross the network and bringing you new and exciting kits, crates and ranks! We are very proud of what we have achieved thus far as a network and would like to thank you, the players for sticking with us this far. We plan on making our network a more fun and enjoyable place to play.
So on behalf of Mr_Nut, iKipper and the rest of the administrative team we've got a brand new rank for you! Elite! This rank is full of lots of exciting new features, kits and Items for you to enjoy and indulge in while you play on TKU! So join us and continue to enjoy the fun and excitement we have in store.
Kindest Regards,
The Kingdoms United Owners, Administrators & Developers

SUPERD9714 when will it be back online?!!??
ItsRogueZ Server is down?????? Is it only me?

Voting gives us the ability to do many things! It's the base of The Kingdoms United playerbase, without you voting we wouldn't be where we are today!

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But thank you to the following users whom made it into the top 3 voters of the month!


[$] RLcrafters Received and rank bought, THANKS! ...
Mr_Nut All Coupon Codes have been given.
[$] Geno_Whirl Congrats to all that won

Server Migration

Kipper1998 posted Feb 17, 15  -  newpowerServer

Today we bring good news! We've officially migrated to a new server with DOUBLE the power. All server lag should now be at a minimum even at 80 players online and our player capacity limit has greatly increased.

During the the Valentines Sale we made enough to purchase a new dedicated server. Our goals are to expand The Kingdoms United in to something unique and simpily brilliant, and with your help we can do that!

We greatly appriciate everyone that helps us out, from voting everyday to purchasing a network rank. Every bit helps us out. The future of The Kingdoms United is bright and full of potential, and we look forward to it!

Sebastian When does the server goes online?
Napisdog I realy need to get on Minecraft right now :l my computer has taken a turn for the worse, dad fixed it today, but its no ...
Napisdog Hello Everyone! Just Letting you know Im ok, since I haven't been on in a week.. My computer is being suckys can't open ...

It has been brought to my attention (and the rest of the staff team) that you can now change your ingame names. This is not advisable at this time. We do not advise this due to the fact that you may currently lose any items (some people have lost items but not everyone who has changed their ingame name), EXP, Plots and the like when you change your name. If this problem is fixed or can be rectified name changing will be fine. But untill then Myself and the other Helpers, Mods and admin advise you not to change your usernames.

If you do choose to change your ingame name, please add a screenshot of yourselves including your current username (and rank) and your new username. Also please take note of the cordinates of your homes and plots on surivival, creative and opfactions so you can find them again.

Changing your name to one of a staff member or somthing that is innapropriate will result in a ban. 

Finally as previously stated it is currently not advised to change your In game name unless you want to lose access to your plot, homes and items.


Merinthium and the TKU staff team


Admin Edit:

Factions Is back online

Creative is back online. -Nut


AnarchyAlchamist Old IGN: tiggypops New IGN: AnarchyAlchamist
Frosti40404 This was helpful, i was thinking about changing my name...
NZMGames ive already changed my name before I saw I have no name was noahmarsh45 but now it's NZMGames..I adde ...