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Recent update:
+ Fixed Creative downtime issues
+ Removed Skyblock
+ Added Premium kit on Factions server
+ Added Premium kit on Prison server

Survival Server: So, myself and Mr_Nut have been listening to your suggestons. When we first opened up the factions server, you guys asked us if we could make a plain, vanilla survival mode, so that you guys can just play survival without having the need to worry about factions.
We can now confirm, that this is now in active development!
However, we thought we would allow you guys to shape how the server is developed, what direction to go in etc.
So, we are in need of idea's! So, we've created a Forum Thread for you guys to post your suggestions on.
Okay, so what you can expect is:
A family friendly survival experience,
Good ol' plain survival!
Full staff log of all griefing/raiding
Mystery features ;)
Consistent updates
Frequent community feedback sessions with either iKipper or Mr_Nut... Or both at the same time. :o
**List will be added to in time**

Now, for all of  you premium ranks.. What you can expect is:
/kit premium *Full of fancy things*
**List will be overhauled with things soon**

Article updated: 08/11/2014 -Mr_Nut
SosolidClaws When are you guys going to implement the kits into factions/prison? If you already have the ki ...
Genogirl Survival would be good


Mr_Nut posted Oct 30, 14  -  HalloweenNewsScaryTKU

Happy Halloween TKU!

We've put a 30% sale on the store until the halloween period is over!
We hope you don't eat too many sweets!

I'm sure we'll have our very own Mr_Nut streaming some scary games of some description live for you guys tomorrow night. So you can watch him poop his pants!

Wishing you a very scary Halloween,

The Kingdoms United Staff Team

tjcraftxd sounds fun.
Genogirl Lol "watch him poop his pants" Best line ever XD, Anyways I hope to join the festivities myself on TKU

We're pleased to announce updates to the new Skyblock server!
We have now added Skyblock challenges, reset the skyblocks (sorry, but it was needed) for this update. This has allowed us to introduce challenges and a new skyblock spawn, built by our very own 1Magneto1.

In other news, we are working on some new upcoming updates!
So be sure to keep an eye on this post for more information.

Myself and Kipper have decided that we are only going to allow helper applications to people who have purchased a rank.
Simply because it shows you are dedicated to the network, thus you are less likely to be doing it 'for the fancy rank tag'.
You also have to be a helper, before you can apply for Moderator. This just ensures that we select the right people for the job.


The Kingdoms United Owners

sethVJ bout time skyblock is back up been waiting a while
2riotman2 Why is factions down .???
flowerbethany so would I be a helper?

The Kingdoms United Updates!

Mr_Nut posted Sep 16, 14  -  BaconFactionsHelperStaffUpdates

We're pleased to announce that we've now released the factions server!
So you guys can now connect to that by doing /factions in-game!
We've also been working hard to fix any issues that arise and other funky stuff.
Naturally, if you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to post them.

In other news, we've just got 2 new Helpers!
So we'd like to welcome IrishSpeedle and Tangible360 to the helper team, so you can ask them questions and we're sure that they'll be able to help you if you have a problem!

-The Kingdom United Owners

Update: Normal players now have 2 homes, Premium now have 5 homes.
Getting on top of the nether has now been fixed too.
Some item prices have now been changed.
World border has also now been extended by a further 3,000 blocks.

Tangible360 Thanks, Nut! I am quite excited to join the TKU staff team! As Helper, I'll continue to do my best, as I still have much ...
Mr_Nut **Updated.**

The Kingdoms United Re-Opening

Mr_Nut posted Sep 12, 14  -  NewReleaseServerStartTKU

It's been a while, hasn't it? Yes. We thought so too.
So, the rumors about TKU re-opening, are indeed correct. We are re-opening!

After much debate with iKipper, he and I will be working to restore The Kingdoms United to it's former glory. We are going to go back, to the way we were. What we were GOOD at.

So, here's whats happening. You've probably noticed that there are NO posts on the forum :O
Yes, that was INTENTIONAL! We've purposely nuked the forum of all posts aside from the ones we thought still applied. Because we want a new start. A new era.

A few fixes to the website, have indeed been done and applied. ^.^ You're welcome.
Anyway, we are opening Creative and Factions!
Creative will have plots with worldedit, the same as before.
Factions will be factions! But Nut has had idea's.... Mwhaha.

We'll keep you guys updated on what we're doing, let us know if you like or dislike what we're doing and why!
We hope you'll continue to show the amazing support that we have been getting.

Kindest Regards,

TheKingdomsUnited Owners

SNIPEROPSXX Yay back up sadly i wont be on my computer is messed up
zozzer101 Can't wait!
pizzaboy912 I want it to be back to original form.