The Kingdoms United Re-Opening

Mr_Nut @ TKU Creative
posted Fri at 1:26  -  NewReleaseServerStartTKU

It's been a while, hasn't it? Yes. We thought so too.
So, the rumors about TKU re-opening, are indeed correct. We are re-opening!

After much debate with iKipper, he and I will be working to restore The Kingdoms United to it's former glory. We are going to go back, to the way we were. What we were GOOD at.

So, here's whats happening. You've probably noticed that there are NO posts on the forum :O
Yes, that was INTENTIONAL! We've purposely nuked the forum of all posts aside from the ones we thought still applied. Because we want a new start. A new era.

A few fixes to the website, have indeed been done and applied. ^.^ You're welcome.
Anyway, we are opening Creative and Factions!
Creative will have plots with worldedit, the same as before.
Factions will be factions! But Nut has had idea's.... Mwhaha.

We'll keep you guys updated on what we're doing, let us know if you like or dislike what we're doing and why!
We hope you'll continue to show the amazing support that we have been getting.

Kindest Regards,

TheKingdomsUnited Owners

zozzer101 Can't wait!
pizzaboy912 I want it to be back to original form.
Poppy6582 I don't like this idea at all, I LOVE IT. I haven't been on TKU since the day it shut down. It was the only server that ...