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New Rank & Updates - 13/12/2014

Mr_Nut posted Dec 13, 14  -  NewRankStoreUpgrade


Over the past couple of days, myself and iKipper have been in a few discussions between us. We talked about what the players would want and all of the fancy stuff that you guys have been asking for. And we have decided with this.

We have decided to remove the 'subscription' based ranks. Sorry guys.
However, we have also now added the new rank of 'Pro'. This has now been added to the store, with recent upgrades to our ranking system.
Premium's are also able to 'upgrade' from Premium to Pro via the 'Rank Upgrade' tab on the store, in which you only pay the difference.
But do note, we are FAR from finished with the Pro rank. We will be adding more and more to it, within the next few days to ensure that you guys are getting the best value for your money.

Okay, with that out of the way, let's talk about Survival!
Survival has been a resounding success, we have seen over 500 unique players join within the week that it has been live, which in my books, is a good thing. I am personally in charge of the Survival server, which has meant that lots of things have been added, changed and tweaked to your liking, with help from various members of staff. So I do thank you all, for being so patient!
That does go without saying, that Survival isn't finished, not yet. I'm happy to say that we are not in 'Alpha' stages anymore, because of the sheer amount of progress (due to my many very, late nights ;)) and because of your awesome contributions and suggestions.

The Survival server, will be getting a few new features over the next few days! So stay tuned for that announcement!

So, as always! TKU, you're amazing <3.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays, 

Mr_Nut, iKipper & Team

morisandas1 So does this mean that the people who bought things like named ranks before the short absence of the server, do not get ...

Christmas Sale!

Mr_Nut posted Dec 11, 14  -  Christmassale


I spoke with Kipper today and we've decided that Christmas will come early for TKU players! We have put a 30% sale on EVERYTHING on our store :O.
This will last, until the 1st of January!


-The Kingdoms United Team

Factions Reset

Mr_Nut posted Dec 4, 14  -  1.8BukkitMinecraft UpateServer


Today, we are resetting factions and updating it to 1.8. So that means that you'll be able to use all of the new fancy blocks etc, with proper world generation and nothing looking odd.

This however, means that we will be resetting the Factions server, factions will be reset, money will be reset (premiums and people who bought in-game money will be given the in-game money back).

There is no current ETA for the amount of time this will take. It all depends on if anything breaks or if we run into any issues.

Kindest Regards,


SosolidClaws @ TKU HUB

Black Friday Sale!

Mr_Nut posted Nov 29, 14  -  BlackFridaySaleTKU


We have put a 25% off on all of the store items for Black Friday! And for those who celebrate Thanksgiving, happy Thanksgiving from us, to you.

In other news, the survival server is doing rather well! Progress is being made every day! So not long now until an Alpha release! :) Which I know you're all very eager for.

Best Wishes,
The Kingdoms United Staff Team

Recent update:
+ Fixed Creative downtime issues
+ Removed Skyblock
+ Added Premium kit on Factions server
+ Added Premium kit on Prison server

Survival Server: So, myself and Mr_Nut have been listening to your suggestons. When we first opened up the factions server, you guys asked us if we could make a plain, vanilla survival mode, so that you guys can just play survival without having the need to worry about factions.
We can now confirm, that this is now in active development!
However, we thought we would allow you guys to shape how the server is developed, what direction to go in etc.
So, we are in need of idea's! So, we've created a Forum Thread for you guys to post your suggestions on.
Okay, so what you can expect is:
A family friendly survival experience,
Good ol' plain survival!
Full staff log of all griefing/raiding
Mystery features ;)
Consistent updates
Frequent community feedback sessions with either iKipper or Mr_Nut... Or both at the same time. :o
**List will be added to in time**

Now, for all of  you premium ranks.. What you can expect is:
/kit premium *Full of fancy things*
**List will be overhauled with things soon**

Article updated: 08/11/2014 -Mr_Nut
SosolidClaws @ TKU HUB When are you guys going to implement the kits into factions/prison? If you already have the ki ...
Genogirl @ TKU Survival
Survival would be good